Promoting Good Governance Program



  • To enhance economic prosperity through promote transparency and accountability over public sectors
  • To reduce poverty through enhancing good governance
  • To promote public awareness of democratic accountability
  • To provide evidence for change and reforming institution/ institutional arrangement


Scope of program activities

1.Promoting Transparency and Accountability

In the public sector, arenas of transparency and accountability will be promoted through using multimedia platforms in informal education. Its arena can be generally described that are Access to public information and data, Access to participation in the public consultation of public policies, the law-making process, and Spending public finance (public procurement).

2.Evidence-based Advocacy

Evidence-based advocacy is a central part of the Organization. In order to undertake this task, evidence research will have to be completed for advocacy purposes regarding arenas. In this program, emphasis on governance: accountability, and transparency will be carried out. Moreover, research regarding the above arenas will be undertaken and openly collaborate with other partner organizations in the collective advocacy.

3.Multilateral engagement network

It is cultivation for enrich of a network of the organization and seeks for collective advocacy to be more effective and reach out. Not limited to networking locally, regional, and international collaboration (including endorsement on governance-related areas/ issues) are entitled.